7 luglio 2011

Wasteland L.A.

 Vintage shop in California? 
You can't miss Wasteland. This is the place where designers from all over the world come and get their inspiration. Collectors can find unique pieces here from different decades. 
The message is achieve the perfect mix between modern and vintage for a timeless style. 
Celebrities shop here, designers shop here, fashion victims shop here... 
from San Francisco,  Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Burbank, Studio City... 
No matter where... The message stays same!

In the past weeks Wasteland has introduced the "RED WALL DIARY", where employees and patrons are photographed.
Take a look at www.wastelandclothing.com and find your own inspiration!

7428 Melrose Ave  
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Melrose windows

2 commenti:

  1. Grazie del post, bello stile!
    Tu ti vestiresti così anche in discoteca?

  2. Ciao ... grazie per lo stile!!
    Ci sono vari modi per interpretare un look da discoteca... perchè no un tocco vintage non guasta mai.. guarda il nostro ultimo post .. credo che ci siano degli spunti interessanti...